• Silverstone, Friday – Ross: "The cars seem to be well-balanced - We'll see what tomorrow brings"

A very wet day at Silverstone saw limited running in the first practice sessions for the British Grand Prix today.

Michael and Nico completed a total of 39 laps during today's two practice sessions - 75% of a single race distance. In total, just 396 practice laps were completed by all drivers today - compared to 1467 in Canada four weeks ago.

“A very British ‘summer’ day here at Silverstone” said Ross after the second session. “We must say a big thank you to the fans who have braved the unpleasant conditions to be here for their fantastic support today.

In such poor track conditions, often we won’t persevere with trying to achieve much running, but it was important for us to find a good balance and set-up on the wet tyres today as these conditions are expected to remain for the weekend. From that perspective it was a reasonable day, and the cars seem to be well-balanced. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.”

For Norbert, “the heroes of today were the spectators. It was impressive to see them sitting out there in the pouring rain and lots of them cheering instead of letting the weather get them down. Especially because it was quite a challenge for everybody to reach the circuit after huge traffic jams this morning - this was like Silverstone in the good old days!

On track, we did not see a lot of running in the wet conditions. Some aquaplaning accidents showed how treacherous the conditions were so it was a very good job from Michael and Nico to bring their cars back in one piece after the sessions. Performance-wise it is difficult to judge our level of competitiveness after barely 20 laps for both cars during the two sessions in changing conditions.

Our lap times did not look too bad, so it was a positive result on a difficult Friday, which most likely will not be followed by better conditions tomorrow or on Sunday. But that's Silverstone, just the way we all know it.”