• Bahrain, Friday – Ross: “A lot of data to analyse and clear areas for improvement”

Nico and Lewis completed the first two practice sessions for the Bahrain Grand Prix in Sakhir today. The team completed just short of two race distances, with a total of 104 laps (Nico: 59, Lewis: 45).

Our programme focused on tyre comparisons and adapting the car set-up to the hot conditions. Neither driver achieved a satisfactory balance which subsequently compromised long run pace in the afternoon.

Ross notes that “neither driver enjoyed the same good balance today that we achieved during practice at the past three races and, in the hot conditions, that proved quite damaging for the tyre condition and therefore overall pace.

We got a good read on how the two tyre types compare and were also able to compare some set-up items such as downforce levels to assess their impact over long and short runs. There is a lot of data to analyse and clear areas for improvement, so we will be working late into the night in order to find better solutions for tomorrow.”

“It was no secret that we would be facing extremely hot conditions here in Bahrain” said Toto, “and that they would make life pretty tricky if you had a car that was not well-balanced. We haven't yet found the sweet spot of the set-up and that was reflected in the timesheets today. We need to find out why we seem not to be as competitive as we were in the past three races and get the right answers to take a step forward tomorrow relative to our rivals.”