• Bahrain, Sunday – Ross: “We’ll continue working on solutions to improve our performance in high track temperature conditions”

Lewis and Nico finished the Bahrain Grand Prix in fifth and ninth places today after battling drives, however both cars struggled badly when temperatures were at their highest in the early stages of the race.

Lewis completed a three-stop strategy to finish in fifth place after starting ninth. He stopped on laps 10, 22 and 38, running option/option/prime/prime. After starting from pole, Nico was forced to convert to a four-stop strategy at the end of his third stint. He stopped on laps 9, 20, 33 and 44, running option/prime/prime/option/option.

Ross notes that the team “struggled badly in the early part of the race when the track temperatures were at their highest. This is an issue we have to address and we will continue working on solutions to improve our performance in this area. In the second half of the race, as the track temperatures cooled somewhat, our pace was not bad - particularly with Lewis.

We got two cars home in the points, both drivers enjoyed some exciting wheel-to-wheel racing and the pit crew delivered some great stops. Lewis and Nico did as good a job as possible with the car we had this afternoon but it was a case of damage limitation for both of them.

However we must make it a priority to cope better with elevated temperatures: the tyres are the same for everybody and we are not performing as well as our competitors in these conditions.

For Toto, “we knew it would be a tough day and the high track temperatures were clearly not good for us. That's not an excuse but a priority area to improve. We need to analyse carefully why we suffered so much, particularly in the early stages, and why we were not on the pace.

Both drivers were tough but fair in defending their positions and delivered some good racing, particularly Lewis in the closing stages. But from a team perspective we must see this as a disappointing result. We learned a lot this afternoon but it is clear that we still have a lot to learn.”