• Spa, Friday – Ross: “There were lots of new parts to test and we got that work done successfully”

Nico and Lewis completed the first two practice sessions in quite differing track conditions at Spa today.

The team completed a total of 80 laps of running during today's two ninety-minutes sessions.

The primary technical objective was to comprehensively evaluate new low-drag aerodynamic developments for this circuit. Both drivers completed high-fuel running on each tyre, Lewis ran longest on the prime compound and Nico on the option.

Ross feels the team had “a good day overall. There were lots of new parts to test, we got that work done successfully and once the drivers had settled into their race simulation runs this afternoon, the lap times looked pretty respectable. We still have some work to do on our single lap pace but we think we know what needs to be done there in order to improve.”

For Toto, “it was a decent day for the team and we completed all the programmes that we had planned today, in spite of the mixed conditions in the first session. The long-run pace looked good but we need to analyse why we were losing time in sector one over a single timed lap.

The other factor we will have to consider this evening is the weather, as the forecasts suggest there will be rain around on Saturday and Sunday, which could influence some of the compromises we make in terms of set-up.”