• Nürburgring, Sunday – Toto: “Our result was pretty respectable in the end given how things looked after the first 30 laps”

Lewis and Nico finished the German Grand Prix in fifth and ninth places today at the Nürburgring. After starting from pole, Lewis finished in P5, despite running as low as P10 just 15 laps from the finish.

Lewis claimed P5 with a passing move on Jenson Button in the first sector of the final lap of the race. He made three pit stops on laps 6, 22 and 45, running option/prime/prime/prime tyres, with the best average pit lane time.

Nico started from P11 on the prime tyre and was running in P16 on lap 49 at the start of his final stint on option tyres.

During the final eleven laps, Nico gained seven positions and ran on the same pace as the leading cars. Nico's P9 finish, coupled with 10 points for Lewis, mean the team remains second in the Constructors' standings.

“Our first thoughts today go to the cameraman who was struck by an errant wheel in the pit lane” said Ross after the race. “Happily, he does not appear to have suffered serious injuries but it was once again a reminder of the dangers of our sport and underlines the need for constant vigilance in terms of safety.

Today was a race of two halves for us. In the first part, we were once again overstressing the tyres - particularly on the prime compound - and our performance fell away as a result. However, as the temperatures cooled off a little and things settled down, both drivers had respectable pace and were able to fight their way back through the field. Lewis and Nico kept pushing until the final lap and were rewarded for their commitment and determination.

At one point it didn't look like we would come away with much at all from this afternoon, so there has to be a certain satisfaction in saving 12 points today. We have said all along that there is still a question mark over our performance in hotter conditions, and today's race showed that we still have work to do.

We have made big steps forward since Bahrain and Barcelona, where we particularly suffered with hotter track temperatures, and our performance was much improved compared to those races. But we have not yet done enough to convert our Saturday pace into race-winning speed in all conditions on Sunday.

The three-week break until Hungary will give us an opportunity to think about how we can make further progress on our tyre management as well as continuing to develop the core performance of the car.”
For Toto, “we had a real character-building afternoon here at the Nürburgring. Neither of the drivers could find any grip on the prime tyre in the first part of the race and it mirrored similar experiences we have had so far this season.

We managed to recover in the second half, though, and our result was pretty respectable in the end given how things looked after the first 30 laps. Well done to both drivers for squeezing the maximum out of the car today. After such a successful weekend in Silverstone, it feels a little bit like a night and day difference for us.

We need to get our heads down at the factory, properly analyse our performance and keep working hard because we know that we will see similar temperatures in Hungary to what we experienced here.”