• Suzuka, Saturday - Ross: We can be reasonably pleased with our positions

On Sunday, Lewis and Nico will start from third and sixth positions respectively for the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka. The gusty conditions during Qualifying saw a peak wind speed of 10.3 m/s and a minimum of 3.8 m/s.

"That was a slightly patchy qualifying session for us during which it was tricky to put the laps together in the very gusty conditions, so I think we can be reasonably pleased with third and sixth positions on the grid," said Ross. "Both drivers did a very creditable job in the circumstances to maximise the car they had under them."

The session saw unusually close gaps, with the top six in less than half a second and top 10 less than a second.

"Looking down the timesheets, it’s intriguing to see such close gaps on a circuit of such challenging complexity, with hundreds of a second accounting for several grid positions up and down the field," added Ross. "Tomorrow’s race will in large part be dictated by how well the cars and drivers are able to manage the tyres and I think we can expect a very interesting afternoon."

Sunday's race will cover 53 laps which equates to a distance of 307.771km. "Both drivers worked hard this afternoon to get the best out of a session where the gaps were very close indeed behind the two Red Bulls," said Toto Wolff. "The key factor now is finding the correct strategy for the race and I am sure we will see a mixture of approaches tomorrow afternoon. We will be working hard overnight to find the right compromise for our cars and drivers in the race."