• IN WORDS: Fans Quiz Toto On F1 2018

On launch day, we put a bunch of brilliant fan questions to the Boss. As ever, he provided some fascinating answers...

Question: Hi Toto. How do you manage a team that has been a winner for four years in a row? (Leopoldo Bala, Facebook)

Toto Wolff: "Well, it is easier to manage a team that has been winning four times in a row than an underdog. There are different challenges. You need to set the right objectives, be motivated and energised. Because we have been pretty much setting the standard, it is maybe a little bit more difficult to stretch ourselves than a team that is looking up to you."

Q: You were quoted saying you wish you could "saw the Halo off with a chainsaw". Is that the end of it? No amount of petitioning from fans or teams can get this eyesore removed? (Rishca Abrahams, Twitter)

TW: "No, I think it is pretty much where we are today, unfortunately. What is clear is we need head protection for the drivers. There is no way back. We have seen terrible accidents with things flying into drivers' heads. I just think the aesthetics of the Halo are very wrong for Formula One. We need to look at that, together with the FIA and the Commercial Rights Holder, to try and come up with a solution that is aesthetically right and that protects the drivers from objects flying around.

"All of us have the best interest of F1 at heart and I think it's pretty clear when you look at it that it is not perfect. Maybe we are all getting used to it and in a while we won't be talking about it anymore. Let's see how it goes. As I said before, most important is to protect the drivers."

Q: Will the W09 be a 'diva' like the W08, or will this year be easier? (Martin Bashforth, Facebook)

TW: "Well, if I can choose between a diva and a boring lady, I would rather go for the diva. She (the W08) was pretty quick. The quickest car last year with the most pole positions and race wins, but very difficult to handle at times. We are trying to keep the character traits of the diva - not slowing her down but smoothing out the edges. You don't want to lose the fundamental DNA of the car. You just need to understand why on some circuits the car didn't behave like we wanted."

Q: You were a racer before you moved into business and then management. Does that experience help you as a Team Principal? (Irin Joy, Facebook)

TW: "It helps and it doesn't. It helps because I think I understand the concept of what happens in a racing car and what the organisation needs to look like in order to perform. On the other side, I have never experienced any of the sensations a Formula One driver has. I've never driven an F1 car, I didn't have the ability to drive an F1 car, so you need to be very conscious, because you don't want to get too involved."

Q: Would you sign Niki Lauda as your driver if you were a team boss in the 70s? (Yoel Aranguren, Facebook)

TW: "Absolutely. He was outstanding in his day. He is a very driven, very ambitious person - straightforward and a straight talker. You always know what goes through his mind. There is no filter between what comes to his mind and what comes out of his mouth, which is really good. I would have been very keen on signing him up."

Q: Are we going to see a happy Toto in 2018 or an angry Toto? (Gemma Worthington, YouTube)

TW: "You need both. I am somebody that is always so sceptical about our own level of performance, which doesn't make my days better. But, equally, I enjoy very much if we have a good day and are competitive, so it will be both. If you just move on it's very difficult to understand and cherish the moment. Equally, losing and the related pain lasts much longer.

"The moment of happiness is a very short timeframe, actually. You enjoy the Sunday night when it has gone well and on the flight back home you have a moment where you think 'that was a good day'. But then Monday morning, debrief starts, everybody is looking ahead to the next race and you've forgotten about it."

Q: Does Valtteri have a really good shot at challenging Lewis this season? (JP, YouTube)

TW: "He looks pretty motivated. He learned his lessons, looked at the data, studied it over the winter and he will know he needs to understand the tyres much better than last year. We mustn't forget it was his first year in a Mercedes against the best driver in modern F1. I expect him to step up a lot. We have chats but you know Finns don't talk too much."

Q: It must be great winning, but do you secretly relish the competition of other teams? (Neven Milev, Facebook)

TW: "We are all in motor racing because we like the competition and we like to fight hard. We embrace the difficult days because they make us enjoy the good ones even more, they push the boundaries, they make us perform better and they are a necessary part of racing. Equally, where we are, we are trying to optimise the organisation and the car all the time to be a better us, to have a better product and delivery.

"We just hope to have the fight on track. We are racers at heart. If you run away with the Championship and win every race, F1 is going to suffer, the motivation in the team is going to suffer, it isn't good for our brand because the fans and all of us want to see not always the same guys performing well. So, I am in two minds."

Q: The hashtag the team has been using is #DrivenByEachOther. What is the story behind it? (Sundar Sreenivasan, Twitter)

TW: "#DrivenByEachOther means this is not about one individual. It is not about the drivers, myself, James (Allison), or Andy (Cowell). We are a group of people on a journey together and couldn't perform without each other. We all need each other. There are some who are more visible outside but there are so many hidden Champions that play such a fundamental part in the team's performance. This is why it's about all of us and all of our work that has gone into these race cars."