• IN WORDS: We Got the Luck Back - Toto

Toto talks lady luck, tough calls and bumper crowds at the German GP...

'It changed in our favour'

We emerged from the topsy-turvy German GP with a quite incredible one-two finish, which both drivers - and the rest of the team - had to work incredibly hard for in challenging conditions.

"The race happens on Sunday, not Saturday, and it's not always the quickest car that wins," Toto explained.

"That is what makes the sport so special. Certainly, in qualifying and at the start of the race, Ferrari had the quickest package.

"But, with all the circumstances and the rain, it all changed in our favour. We got the luck back that we didn't have in the last few races.

"This is a very difficult Championship, with a competitor that is going from strength to strength. We keep adding performance to our car and engine, and they do the same.

"Keeping the belief in yourself and the team is going to play an important role in how this Championship goes."

'It was about bringing the result home'

The late Safety Car prompted a flurry of activity, with Valtteri stopping for fresh UltraSofts and Lewis making a late call to stay out.

At the restart, Valtteri took the fight to Lewis but was unable to get through, before the difficult call was made to hold station to the finish.

"At that stage of the race, chaos broke loose out on track," Toto said, on the Safety Car period. "It was very difficult to make the right call.

"At the end, between various voices over the radio, he [Lewis] made the decision to stay out - which was good for us, because we were splitting the bets and that proved to be the right call.

"The decision later in the race when they started to battle each other on the restart, fair enough. It was still raining in places, still humid and after so much bad luck in recent races, the scenario of losing a car or two was something we didn't want to envisage.

"If it was the other way around, we would've made the exact same call. It was important to score the one-two in order to recover some of the points which we have lost through bad luck. It was about bringing the result home."

'F1 is very alive in Germany'

Of course, the result was made all the sweeter by the venue. A home race victory for Mercedes-Benz in front of a passionate Hockenheim crowd - something Toto hopes will be a sight to behold once more in the years to come.

"You could see how many people attended today. It was absolutely full house. With another grand stand being built up.

"F1 is very alive in Germany and I'm really happy to see that because after the last couple of events we had here it wasn't clear.

"After not having an event last year people came and they saw a great racing spectacle and I hope that it is going to continue that between promoter and the state and Liberty they are going to find a solution to keep the German GP."