• IN WORDS: It Was Maximum Attack - Valtteri

From P17 to P4 - Valtteri sums up an eventful end to a trying weekend at Spa

'Don't close your eyes and don't blink'

It was always going to be an action-packed Sunday for Valtteri, after grid penalties relegated him to the back of the grid. But what followed from our Finn was as gutsy as it was spectacular...

"I got a good start. I was on the inside and was surprised by how early everyone braked. I could see Fernando flying, there was a lot of carbon flying around. I touched the car ahead. It was my fault. The collision cost me the front wing. I had to stop during the Safety Car and lost a bit of time there.

"After that everything was good and I enjoyed the overtaking. I had fun with every single overtake. It was maximum attack, it always is. But I had to keep calm and do one after the other.

"It was a lot of fun - especially overtaking in Eau Rouge on the outside. Normally you overtake on the other side. I got a good momentum out of turn one so I tried it. You keep flat. You keep the throttle. You floor it. That's how you do it. Don't close your eyes and don't blink. That's the only way to get through."

'It's a shame it was not a podium'

For most people, climbing 14 places through the most competitive field in motorsport would be a job well done. But, while Valtteri was pleased with his day's work, he's always wanting more - and knows the fight ahead will only continue to intensify...

"I think we maximised today from where we started. It's okay but it's a shame it was not a podium. I lost too much time in the beginning of the race with overtaking. You know that can always happen when you start from the back of the grid.

"Otherwise it was a good recovery. For us it was really important to get more points than Ferrari. That was positive even though we didn't win. But, of course, we need to keep pushing. They were too quick today - Sebastian could control the race. We need to work hard.

"At the moment they are in front of us. Basically, a good performance in qualifying and the race. Maybe on the straight line power they are better. They are extremely quick."