• IN WORDS: We Are Going from Strength to Strength – Lewis

He defied expectations in Singapore. And here, Lewis tells us just what it felt like...

It was one of those weekends where Lewis just seemed unbeatable. From that stunning Qualifying lap to a flawless victory drive on Sunday, this was clearly an athlete at the peak of his game. But the man himself was quick to heap praise on those around him who made it possible.

"I think we are over-delivering," he assessed.

"The car's true pace is 100 and we are putting out 102. That's an awesome feeling. I just had this meeting with the guys you just see the energy with everyone.

"For me personally, I find it really inspiring. Considering I have been with the guys for six years. They could be like "let's just get over and done with it" but they are not.

"We are going from strength to strength as a team. Our understanding of the car, how to utilise the tools that we have - we're far more comfortable at our job right now.

"Performance-wise my second half of the second is usually where things start to come together. I have got work tomorrow in Thailand and then I get a few days off.

"I am going to be at the beach probably doing yoga, probably training hard - but the focus is intense. It has to remain the same if not more and we don't have to change our approach or anything like that. It's always a next step, an extra push we all need. We are doing it together."

It takes an immense amount of strength - both physical and mental - to cope with life at the pinnacle of motorsport. It's likely for this reason, then, that many have questioned Lewis' busy schedule away from the cockpit. But not only does he manage it, he revels in it - and he's grateful to have the freedom to do what works best for him.

"I feel great," he continued.

"Driving-wise on the track, definitely. I feel like knowledge and my approach and the balance that I have in my life in general is really good.

"I know you [the media] asked some questions this weekend. You actually asked quite nicely about it and not aggressively which you could have done. And I'm glad that you have seen this performance this weekend.

"Toto has been so instrumental in bringing Tommy [Hilfiger] along, which has been a life-changing experience having them in the team and to have the opportunity to do what we are doing with them. It's really amazing. A blessing.

"I just said to Toto: "Don't for a second ever believe or let creep into your mind that I don't want to win this Championship more than anything. That's my priority." You can see that from my time yesterday and my drive today.

"People have asked me if I need to change my approach. I think we've got a great approach as a team. We have outperformed often a car that's slightly better. We just need to keep doing that."

The gap at the top of the Drivers' Championship now stands at 40 points - the largest it's been all season by quite some margin. But, with six races left to go, Lewis knows how fragile that lead could still be and won't be backing off even for a moment.

"There are still a lot of points available," he concluded.

"As an athlete, as a team and as competitors, you have to stay positive. Hope and belief are the two things you always have to make sure that you have.

"I can assure you, we as a team we are not getting cocky or overly confident. We are diligent and working as hard as we can. We want to just keep plugging away.

"I don't look at it and think that we lucked in. We honestly don't waste any time wondering what they [Ferrari] are doing or how they are feeling or if they are feeling pressure if they are happy or unhappy.

"There is nothing we can do about them. All we can do is be the best we can be that weekend and hopefully that is good enough. If it's not then we will keep working.

"In my mind I need to win every race. It's as simple as that. There will be weekends where we know we will be stronger and weekends like this one where we knew that we would be behind - but we still have to believe that we can win.

"I didn't think that I would have 40 points [advantage] at this point. Of course, it's nice having that - but I's not the end until it's mathematically impossible. I will keep fighting."