• IN WORDS: You Need to Make Your Own Destiny - Toto

The Boss discusses some of the key talking points from an unforgettable weekend in Singapore

Heading into the weekend, our performance level in recent years at the Marina Bay Street Circuit had many writing off the team's chances before the cars had even turned a wheel. Finally breaking that curse made the result all the sweeter for Toto.

"It feels like one of the greatest victories, because it was really our bogey circuit in the past and we were so motivated to do well here," he said after the race.

"We showed that we can perform in Singapore. Coming here and finishing by winning the race, and with a very solid team result, is really a great achievement for everybody in the team.

"I think you need to make your own destiny a little bit. We've worked so hard after Spa to understand the car and we knew, against many voices, that we could perform well in Singapore. There's never one silver bullet - it's tiny little steps that are important to make the car perform like it did."

With a 40 point advantage in the Drivers' Championship battle and 37 in the Constructors' standings heading into the final six races of the season, it would be all to easy to think the battle has been won. But neither Toto nor the team are taking anything for granted.

"There's marginal gains that will determine the outcome of this Championship, because on performance levels we are very close to each other," he continued.

"So, we have to keep the foot on the throttle and try to avoid mistakes and continue to develop the car.

"40 points advantage or zero, it makes no difference for us. It's six weekends to go. You can see, like in Austria where we had a double DNF, how quickly it goes and you lose 25 points.

"Insofar, we just have to look weekend by weekend and try to perform at our best level. It's only won when it's won."

The subject of Lewis' extracurricular activities and the potential for distractions thereof has been a widely debated topic for a number of years now. For Toto, however, his performance this weekend should close the lid firmly on those discussions.

"It's six years I have heard: "How can you allow Lewis to get off and fly around the world?" Toto concluded.

"You know what? He did it to his most extreme in the last 10 days - he was in Shanghai on the catwalk, he was in New York a couple of days later, he came here, rock and roll, and blew everybody away.

"Let's just be non-judgmental and allow everybody to judge how they perform best. He knows best what's good for him."