• IN WORDS: The Greatest Team Effort I Can Remember - Lewis

Lewis on a remarkable weekend in Brazil, in which the team clinched the Constructors’ crown.

It was the perfect end to a hard-fought weekend at Interlagos as Lewis not only secured his tenth victory of the season but also his second win on the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace. Two weeks after Lewis nailed down his fifth Drivers' title in Mexico, he and his team were celebrating their fifth Constructors' Championship in a row.

Lewis wasn’t the only member of the team with a broad grin on their face: "I've never seen the guys so happy. We've been together a long, long time. I'm going to remember that moment for the rest of my life. Honestly, I'm just so proud of everyone."

"I'm just emotionally drained at the moment. It's hard to really contemplate what the hell has happened in the last six years. This has been such an incredible journey. It has by no means been easy for anybody in this team; it's been a real battle for all of us, even for me in the car to keep my cool and deliver when necessary and to keep my cool with the pressure that we're under."

"And it's the same for everyone else, through the pit stops, the build and the rebuild of the car, the guys back at the factory with the decisions they take about the next upgrade. This is just the greatest team effort that I can remember seeing. It's awesome."

Although the day in Sao Paulo belonged to the team, it should not be forgotten that Lewis also passed another milestone in his career: his 50th victory in the 99 races of the F1 Hybrid era to date. "That's crazy," said Lewis, who could hardly believe it when he was told his win rate since 2014 has moved to over 50%.

Much more important to him, however, was to bring home the fifth World Championship double for the team and thereby equal the record set by Ferrari in the Schumacher era: "I could see how nervous Toto was - he kept on reminding me how important this was for the team and I was saying, 'Toto, I know, I've been with the team for six years now, I know how important this is and you don't have to tell me. I did get pole and I'm doing the job. Just sit back and let me do what I do.'"

A man of his word. Lewis won the race and the team secured its fifth Constructors' title in succession. Lewis, Valtteri and the rest of the crew can now look forward to a rapturous reception from their colleagues in Brackley and Brixworth this week: "Today, to be able to do that, to see everyone's excitement, to know we're going to go back to the factory and see all those people who have worked for this, who have helped and really made it happen - this has been a high point."

"I've never experienced the high that I've experienced here, and I know when I get back to the factory it's going to be a higher energy level than I've ever felt before. So, I've got to get some sleep tonight, otherwise I might not be able to hold my emotions in."

Lewis had to fight hard for his tenth victory of the season - and not only against Red Bull driver Max Verstappen, but also against the thread of a DNF, due to a Power Unit issue: "There was a lot of great work that went on in the background with the engineers here and back in the UK, who were really working on understanding what they've got to turn down and tweak. They threw a lot of balls at me whilst I was juggling with the other stuff."

"There would be a switch change, and you do a default setting, and one switch and you go plus, plus, plus, plus, plus, and go to another switch and go down, down, down, down, down, and juggling that and they kept throwing them at me. I'm really grateful that the engine finished."

For the last few laps, Lewis was yelling in the cockpit, urging his W09 to hold out for the final kilometres through to the finish line: "I was just talking, shouting in the car: Come on, come on, you can do it, keep it together. You could just never imagine how crazy that feeling is in the car. My heart rate must have been above 190 or whatever."

At the same time, Lewis was struggling with tyre wear and holding off the challenge from the Red Bull coming up behind, knowing that he had to keep it out of DRS range: "I felt awesome at the end when I managed to pull it across and the car didn't fail. I just felt so elated and just so grateful."