• IN WORDS: Bittersweet Feeling in Baku - Toto

Toto shares the rollercoaster of emotions the team went through during a brilliantly-bonkers Azerbaijan Grand Prix...

'Luck is part of the sport'

The closing stages of the battle in Baku couldn't have been more dramatic, with overtakes, collisions, Safety Cars and crazy restart with just a handful of laps remaining.

Lewis emerged from it all to claim the team's first win of 2018, but Valtteri's race ended in a heart-breaking puncture while clear in the lead.

"I think the feeling that prevails all of us is that we didn't have the pace through the weekend that we need to have," Toto admitted, after the race.

"From his (Lewis) perspective he very much knows what's right and wrong. It was Valtteri's race today (Sunday) to win. But then I think he just got his Melbourne victory back from his perspective.

"This is how you must see it. It doesn't take away the emotion and brutality on Valtteri which gives us a bittersweet feeling about the result and equally the lack of pace we had.

"Luck is part of the sport and the Safety Car went against us in the past and today (Sunday) it gave us a win. It still doesn't feel right for two reasons.

"The first reason is that we lacked the pace and the second reason is that the quickest guy on track didn't finish with a puncture that was caused by debris on track three laps to the end."

'Tyres the topic of this season'

Ferrari looked incredibly fast on race day in Baku and Sebastian Vettel opened up a clear lead in the first half, but Valtteri moved into the frame by staying out on SuperSofts.

His strong pace brought him right into contention and he of course capitalised on the Safety Car to make his sole stop. He commanded the restart and the chequered flag was in sight, but sadly it wasn't to be...

"I think the topic of this season is tyre warm-up because the Ferraris were in the window, Sebastian's first lap was two and a half seconds quicker than anybody else," Toto said.

"We were doing fine, and the tyre was coming in, but the Red Bulls struggled a lot. Once the temperatures stabilised our pace was OK, but I still think that Sebastian managed at the front.

"In those early stages he was the fastest car on track but that changed because Valtteri's race came towards him.

"We knew that staying out would give him the opportunity if there was a Safety Car and this is what we did.

"It is just very brutal for him to lose what looked to be an easy win three laps to go with some piece of debris on the track."