• IN WORDS: It's Only the Result That Counts - Toto

Toto talks frustrations, risks and slender margins after narrowly losing out on victory in the desert duel...

'They adapted to the situation'

The duel in the desert proved to be a race of tactics, with Ferrari's reaction to our one-stop strategy ultimately deciding the outcome.

"We realised pretty early that the Medium was a good tyre. We saw that with Alonso and decided to try it, to see how it would be on our cars with the option of stopping twice.

"Valtteri immediately had very good pace. So it was clear that he would make it to the end on the Medium but there was still a chance that Ferrari would do the same.

"They were taking big risks because at the end Vettel's car was probably two seconds slower than Valtteri, so if it would have been one or two laps later he would have lost the race.

"But 'would be' is not what counts. What counts is the race result and Sebastian and Ferrari won it, and it was well deserved. They adapted to the situation.

"After coming out on the Mediums behind Sebastian and with a gap that we were able to close down, knowing that they needed to either stop again or would run out of tyre.

"This was the moment where I would say the 90% probability was on us winning. And we lost that."

'It will be very close'

Second and third place was far from a disaster for the team. But considering the race pace the W09 showed, the Bahrain GP felt like another missed opportunity.

"They hurt," Toto said, when asked about the lost points. "The points that you don't make are the ones that could decide the Championship.

"In the Drivers' Championship, Lewis lost seven points in Melbourne. I don't think that he would have been much better than P3 in Bahrain because it was a lot between Valtteri and Sebastian.

"For a race win he was too far away. In the Constructors' we lost seven in Melbourne and we lost seven in Bahrain, so 14 points. That can make the difference in the end.

"It will be very close this season and it will swing from track to track and from how well prepared you are or not."