• REPORT: Unleashing Lewis and Valtteri at Silverstone

Lewis and Valtteri clocked up the laps on practice day at the British Grand Prix...

What Happened?

-  Conditions were dry throughout Friday's running, with scorching temperatures at the Silverstone Circuit.

-  Lewis set the pace in the opening 90-minute practice session of the day, putting in a 1:27.487 on the Soft tyre. He managed 24 laps in total.

-  Valtteri was second, making it a one-two for the team, with his 1:27.854 (also set on Softs) being 0.367s off the benchmark. He completed 27 laps.

-  In FP2, Lewis ended the session in second place on the timesheets, 0.187s behind pacesetter Sebastian Vettel. The best of his 32 laps was a 1:27.739 on the Soft compound.

-  Valtteri was close behind in P3 with a 1:27.909, setting the fastest of his 30 laps on the Soft tyre as well.

-  Both sessions featured one red flag apiece, momentarily pausing running - in FP1, Romain Grosjean hit the barrier and in FP2, Max Verstappen collided with the wall.

What Did We Learn?

It was an encouraging first day for the team, clocking up a healthy number of laps, but the competition looks fierce at Silverstone.

"If anyone thought this weekend was going to be a walk in the park for us, then today will have disabused them of that notion," said Technical Director, James Allison.

"It looks mighty close at the front between us and Ferrari - both on the long runs and the short runs. It's going to be quite a tussle, managing the tyres on a very, very demanding track in hot conditions.

"From what we can see, we've got a decent handling car that has every chance of doing well both tomorrow and Sunday if we make all the right moves."

What We're Saying

Lewis: "The atmosphere has been great - the weather is fantastic and the crowd was incredible today. The track is the fastest it has ever been; we're flat out through Copse and Turn 1 and through Turn 2 with the DRS - it's insane how fast it is.

"The faster this track gets, the better it gets. It has to be the best track in the world, it feels like driving a fighter jet around the track.

"However, it is also the bumpiest track I've ever experienced; it's like the Nordschleife! With the speeds we're going now and the G forces we're pulling, I think it's going to be the most physical race of the year.

"I was on the Soft and the Medium tyres today; the Soft felt better than the Medium, and they seem to last - which is impressive if you look at the forces and loads they have to take on this track.

"It's going to be very, very close this weekend, the Ferraris are really fast. We're in for a serious fight which is great for the fans and I hope that we can pull through."

Valtteri: "The track is quite different compared to previous years - there's a lot of grip from the new tarmac, but at the same time a lot of bumps.

"Luckily, it doesn't seem to affect us in terms of performance, only the high-speed corners like Turn 9 or Turn 13 are a bit trickier.

"But it's not a big issue since we also gained grip from the new tarmac. We got the Soft tyres working okay; we experienced some overheating issues as track temperatures hit more than 50 degrees today, and we expect similar conditions on Saturday and Sunday.

"The Hard tyres felt more robust; it was a bit slower, but will go longer. The Ferraris look really competitive; I expect us to find more performance for tomorrow, but it is going to be really close."