• INSIGHT: Five Things We Learned from the Chinese Grand Prix

Round 3 in China threw up surprises, stunning racing and plenty of storylines to dissect...

1. Safety Car Shake-Up

The deployment of the Safety Car can drastically alter the course of a race and that's exactly what happened at the Shanghai International Circuit. It's the second time in three races that the emergence of the Mercedes-AMG GT R has altered the path of a Grand Prix.

Debris on the circuit after a clash between the two Toro Rosso drivers shook-up the Chinese GP, transforming it from a fairly low-key race to a thrilling battle at the front of the field - with fierce fights, incredible overtakes and unusual strategies playing out.

For us, it didn't quite work out, with Valtteri and Lewis unable to keep the Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo at bay - the Australian pitted under the Safety Car and was on fresh Soft tyres. That strategy gamble paid off, but relegated our drivers to P2 and P4 respectively.

As we've seen before, things change in the blink of an eye in F1. The Safety Car didn't play to our advantage but we also weren't quick enough to make our strategy decision work. So, we've got to keep our heads down and come back stronger in Baku.

2. Three-Horse Race

The opening two races hinted that we're in for a proper three-way battle at the front of the pack this season. But although the potential fight didn't quite materialise in Australia and Bahrain, China proved that it's very much alive.

Differing strategies and the closing up of the pack behind the Safety Car brought the Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull cars together in an intense scrap for race victory. It was tough to predict who would emerge from it in front by the chequered flag. There was just so much going on.

It was incredible to see six of the world's best racing drivers and three of F1's most successful teams scrapping for position. We'd not properly seen this yet in 2018. Here's hoping this'll continue through the remainder of the season. It'll make for some epic racing...

3. Pit Stop Precision

Our pit crew absolutely smashed the pit stops out of the park in Shanghai. Perfecting the pit stop is a massive challenge, requiring all of the moving elements to be working in absolute harmony. That's especially tough when the driver diving into the pits is fighting for the lead.

A combination of a brilliant in-lap, an incredible pit stop and a storming out-lap helped Valtteri jump Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari and snatch the lead. We measured the pit stop at 1.83 seconds, which is the quickest we've ever done under the new rules.

It was a huge achievement for the crew and played a pivotal role in our race result. They were the quickest pit crew in China and as a result took the team's first Fastest Pit Stop award of the season.

4. Sensational Support

One of the main reasons we were excited for the Chinese GP was the support from the fans and they didn't let us down. It means a lot to us and made a big difference, powering the team and drivers forward through the ups and the downs of the weekend.

From arriving in Shanghai to race day on Sunday, the fans were out in force, showing their support for Lewis, Valtteri and the team. The fans are some of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic out there, so Lewis decided to give something back...

On Thursday evening, he dropped a bunch of gifts around different spots in Shanghai, sharing hints of where fans could find them. Basically, a treasure hunt around the city! For those who managed to find the gifts - great work! Click here to watch what happened.

5. Brave Overtakes

It was another impressive weekend on the overtaking front, with plenty of intriguing battles and jostling for position during the Chinese GP - particularly in the second half of the race, which is when it really started to come alive.

Overtaking in these 2018 cars isn't easy and drivers have to work hard to perfect their passing moves. Sometimes, that means taking risks and we saw some brave, ballsy and dramatic changes of position at the Shanghai International Circuit.

Quite a few of these came from eventual race winner Daniel Ricciardo, making the most of his Red Bull's fresh tyres to pull off some remarkable moves - one of which was an amazing late lunge down the inside into the hairpin to jump ahead of Lewis.

Later in the race, he put in a brilliant pass on Valtteri down the inside into Turn 6. Valtteri defended robustly but Daniel found the room he needed, snatching the lead. It was undoubtedly the move of the race.

Valtteri's overtake around the outside of Kimi Räikkönen at Turn 1 ran it close, though. It was a gutsy and aggressive move that had us all on the edge of our seats at a decisive point in the race.