• IN WORDS: Lewis and Valtteri's Barcelona Debrief

1-2 finishes don't happen all that often in F1 and when they do, it's hard to describe how they feel! Lewis and Valtteri sum up their emotions after a stunning result in Spain...

'There is no better feeling'

Despite his commanding victory at the Spanish Grand Prix being his 64th in F1, Lewis reckoned it felt just as special as his first time on the top step of the podium.

"It's the greatest feeling to come here, have that kind of performance and have a convincing win," he said. "Anybody who wins wants to do it that way.

"It's definitely a great feeling. You could probably see that when I got out of the car. Not every win feels as great as this one does. It was my 64th win but it still feels like the first, it still feels special. The journey to it is why it feels unique.

"I have been racing a long time, so to still have that feeling, that happiness when you do win because I know I have done my job this weekend to the maximum and I didn't leave anything on the table... there is no better feeling.

"I don't know how I manage to fit in my training in between all the other things that I do but I was pretty fresh after the race. That's another positive."

'The wins will come'

Valtteri secured his 25th podium in F1 with second place in Spain and, while he wasn't completely satisfied with the result, he's determined that his first win of 2018 is just around the corner.

"Well, of course I wanted to fight for the win, but for us as a team this is a great result," he said. "We had such a good car and the team was so reactive with the strategy.

"If we're 1-2 and I'm second, and Lewis wins, there's a big part of me that is really happy for us as a team.

"But, then, of course there's also a part of me that is not happy being second because I want to win. There's still a long year ahead and it will come.

"I've been more or less meeting my targets from the beginning of the year. I have been able to continue my good performances from the end of last year.

"There are always things that you can learn and I hope I'll keep improving. There have been some quite mixed races and the end results haven't been quite there, but I know the speed is there."

'A rejuvenating experience'

For the first time since the season-opener in Australia Lewis was completely comfortable in the W09 and that was an uplifting experience for him.

"It was a rejuvenating experience because people probably think it was an easy race and that I was cruising," he explained.

"I wasn't. I was comfortable and at no point did I feel I was going to lose it - but I was pushing every single lap.

"I was using it as a test bench to understand what I liked about the balance, how can I play with it a bit more, how can I squeeze more out of it and understand how to get more from it.

"So, when you do the debrief you can be very particular and to the point on what you want them to work on. In that meeting there were a few key points which I pointed out, like 'work on this, make that better, and I'll be faster'.

"They go away and focus on those areas, look at the data and try to work on it. It's an amazing process you do together, when it comes back and it works."

'We thought one stop was impossible'

Having pitted fairly early in the race, on lap 19, Valtteri and the team didn't expect a one-stop race to work.

However, they found the tyres were behaving better than anticipated and opted not to stop under the VSC, which proved to be the right decision - even if it was a risk. 

"All the compounds lasted a lot longer than we ever expected," Valtteri explained. "We honestly never thought it would be possible to do the race with one stop, or we could do it but it would be slower than the two-stop.

"But, we found out around halfway through the race that the tyres were behaving better than expected and made the decision, even though we stopped quite early.

"47 laps with the Medium tyre was quite risky but it was definitely worth it. There was nothing left...

"I saw the tyres after the race and it was down to the canvas. For me it was all trying to save it. I was trying to keep it alive."