• REPORT: Back to Testing

Just two days after his stunning victory at the Spanish Grand Prix, Lewis was back behind the wheel of the W09 for the opening day of the Barcelona in-season test.

What Happened?

-  Lewis clocked up the laps over the course of Tuesday's running, ending the first day of in-season testing with 151 laps completed - the highest tally of any driver.

-  The Brit finished the day sixth on the leaderboard with a best time of 1:18.543, set on Soft tyres in the morning session. Max Verstappen was quickest for Red Bull.

-  Throughout the day, the team completed aero data collection, to check correlation between the wind tunnel and recent updates.  

-  Other priorities on Tuesday were working on setup and engine development for future races.

-  Mercedes Junior Driver George Russell was in action for Force India, conducting tyre testing with Pirelli. He was 11th quickest and managed 123 laps.

What Did We Learn?

"We've had a very good day completing 151 laps with Lewis without any real issues on the car," Explained Trackside Engineering Director, Andrew Shovlin.

"We had a good baseline to work with from the test, so our focus has been further understanding the car and tyres.

"We had a comprehensive aero data collection programme which we got through whilst the track was cold first thing, then got stuck into proper running for the remainder of the day.

"It's difficult on a race weekend to complete proper tests due to the limited number of tyres, the constantly evolving track and the requirement to get the maximum speed out of the car.

"Here we were able to step through a large programme of setup items, so Lewis has been able to get a good feel for the effect of these changes and hopefully that will help us get the most out of the car at the upcoming races. We've got Valtteri in the car tomorrow and another very busy day planned."

What We're Saying

"It was a good day and a relatively interesting test, I'm glad we did it," Lewis said, after climbing out of the car in Barcelona.

"We got through a large programme and did 151 laps which is a good sign of reliability.

"I'm looking forward to Monaco; hopefully we can take some of the things we've learned onto there."

Result: Barcelona Test - Day 1

Pos Driver Team Time Laps
1 Max Verstappen (33) Red Bull 1:17.528 148
2 Carlos Sainz (55) Renault 1:17.562 119
3 Sebastian Vettel (5) Ferrari 1:17.659 136
4 Romain Grosjean (8) Haas 1:18.449 129
5 Nicholas Latifi (34) Force India 1:18.530 107
6 Lewis Hamilton (44) Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport 1:18.543 151
7 Stoffel Vandoorne (2) McLaren 1:18.981 85
8 Antonio Giovinazzi (36) Sauber 1:19.693 135
9 Oliver Rowland (41) Williams 1:20.009 121
10 Lando Norris (47) McLaren* 1:20.997 76
11 George Russell (42) Force India* 1:21.478 123
12 Sean Gelael (38) Toro Rosso 1:21.935 50
13 Oliver Turvey (48) McLaren* 1:23.070 58
*Conducting tyre testing with Pirelli