• Catching Up with Valtteri Bottas

We grabbed Valtteri for a quick chat to hear all about his winter break!
How was your winter, what did you get up to?

Valtteri Bottas: "Winter was good. I travelled to South America to different places and had a very relaxing holiday.

"Before that, I had Christmas at home with the family which was also very nice. Apparently, I have been behaving well because I got some nice presents from the family."

And what was your favourite Christmas gift?

VB: "Rubber boots. I've been missing some good rubber boots - they're important in Finland, for the rain and the snow."

What was your favourite thing that you did on your travels?

VB: "The drive from Chile to Argentina, finishing in Mendoza. We drove over the Andes. It was so beautiful. We stopped on the way for lunch at a lake, it was more than three kilometres high in the mountains. It was just stunning."

And when did you start preparing for the new season?

"When I got back in early January I started my first training camp and I got quite a bit of training time in.

"So, it was a very good first week and training has been going well since. And I also did some exercise over the holidays. I'm full of energy and I'm looking forward to the new season."

You already spent some time at the factory this year. How would you describe the atmosphere?

VB: "Like nothing has changed in the past few weeks when I haven't been here. Everyone is working as hard as ever, I think everyone is looking forward to the new season.

"With some regulation changes there are always question marks, but I can guarantee everyone has been doing and will be doing everything they can for the new car."

What are you excited about for the new season?

VB: "I am excited that everyone starts with zero points. We are all on the same line and 2019 can bring anything, that's exciting.

"It's going to be a new season ahead and I'm going to put everything I have for this year, all in. I'm sure it's going to be interesting."

Now you've had some time over the winter to reflect, what are the thoughts and the mindset you are taking into 2019?

VB: "I am very happy to start a new season, because for me personally 2018 did not go the way I wanted to.

"There was quite a bit of criticism at some stages of 2018, but that's actually been a positive thing for me because it's given me an extra boost!

"I've taken all the points I can learn from last year to come back stronger. And I also found many positives, which I maybe didn't see at the end of the year, but now digging deep I can see those. I can build on all of that for 2019."