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Lewis Hamilton
1:20.613 Fastest Lap
58 Laps
George Russell
1:22.680 Fastest Lap
17 Laps
George Russell
1:16.968 Fastest Lap
27 Laps
Lewis Hamilton
1:17.104 Fastest Lap
25 Laps

The Circuit

The Australian Grand Prix is the oldest surviving motor racing competition held in Australia, having been run 77 times since the inaugural event at Phillip Island in 1928. It has been a fixture of the Formula One calendar since 1985. It was staged at circuits across Australia prior to its inclusion in the World Championship calendar.

For many years following its move to Melbourne from Adelaide in 1996, the Australian Grand Prix was the opening race of the World Championship. Whilst at the Adelaide Street Circuit it formed the final round of the season. In both the 1986 and 1994 the race was the decider in the Drivers' World Championship battles.

In 1992, however, Jeff Kennett was elected the new premier of the State of Victoria and immediately set about improving Melbourne's profile. First on his list was the Australian Grand Prix and in late 1993 it was announced that the race would be relocated to a street circuit in Albert Park. The current track was duly developed using closed-off public roads and in 1996 hosted its first Formula One World Championship race.

The Australian Grand Prix has seen a number of notable firsts for our Team over the years, including Lewis Hamilton's debut as a Mercedes driver in 2013, the first win of the Hybrid F1 era with Nico Rosberg a year later, and George Russell’s maiden podium with the Team in 2022.

It takes an estimated 290,000 hours of work to assemble the street circuit in preparation for the Grand Prix every year. The temporary layout is assembled six weeks before the race weekend, and taken down four weeks after.

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