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Lewis Hamilton
1:21.601 Fastest Lap
70 Laps
George Russell
1:22.158 Fastest Lap
70 Laps
Lewis Hamilton
1:16.609 Fastest Lap
20 Laps
George Russell
1:19.027 Fastest Lap
9 Laps

The Circuit

Fact File: Hungarian Grand Prix

  • The Hungarian Grand Prix weekend tends to be one of the hottest of the year, with an average air temperature of 25°C and a maximum of 33°C.

  • The amount of braking activity, with six events across the lap, coupled with the high ambient temperatures and the absence of long straights make the circuit exceptionally taxing on the brakes.

  • The circuit features 14 corners, six to the left and eight to the right. Many of these follow one after another in quick succession, meaning a well-balanced car that can handle directional changes is important for lap time.

  • The Hungaroring has one of the lowest top speeds of the season at just over 310 km/h. That is perhaps no surprise given the cars spend just over 10 seconds on a straight over the course of a fast lap, with the remaining time spent cornering.

  • Despite a relatively short start/finish straight, the distance from pole position to the braking zone for Turn 1 measures 444 metres, on the longer side compared to other venues we visit.

Hungarian GP History

The first Hungarian Grand Prix was held in 1936 on a five-kilometre track laid out in Népliget: a park in Budapest. However, political influences and the ensuing war brought about an absence of Grand Prix racing in the country for a period of fifty years.

Following the initial suggestion of a street race through Budapest, a brand-new circuit in a valley 19 kilometres outside of the city was built. The landscape provided natural vantage points for spectators and in 1986 the Hungaroring opened and held its first Formula One event. It would prove a huge success, with almost 200,000 fans turning out for the race.

Need to Know

The 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix saw George take his maiden F1 pole position. The Team followed that up with a double podium in the race with Lewis taking second, with George third.

Lewis is the most successful driver in Hungarian Grand Prix history with a tally of eight victories.

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Watch the Hungarian Grand Prix Preview with George and Lewis, courtesy of PETRONAS.

We have good memories from Hungary last year, with George's first pole position in F1 and a double podium for the Team. This race also marks a decade since Lewis' first win with us, so it's a circuit full of good memories.

Toto Wolff