• Turkey, Sunday: Ross, “We will keep on pushing hard”

Nico and Michael finished the Turkish Grand Prix in fifth and twelfth places respectively today. Starting from third on the grid, Nico ran a clean race to finish fifth, with high tyre degradation in the early stages preventing him from finishing higher.

“The race balance that we gave Nico wasn’t as good as we had hoped and on high fuel, the car was too hard on its tyres” Ross said after the race. “That spoiled the first half of the race but in the second half, our pace was more respectable. Nico began climbing back through the field towards where we had hoped to be racing; however we were too far back by then. Fifth place is still a respectable result taking everything into account, but fine-tuning our race set-up will be a particular priority for the next races, especially at circuits where the tyres are delicate to manage.”

Norbert echoed Ross’ views: “Of course, everybody was expecting another good result from us today after Nico qualified third yesterday. In reality he was a few thousandths ahead of Lewis yesterday, and today Lewis was quicker. Alonso in the Ferrari had a great drive from fifth whilst the Red Bulls are still clearly in front. To beat one McLaren Mercedes and one Ferrari was the maximum that Nico could achieve after a great drive with our current car. We have made improvements over the last two races, and closed the gap to the best which shows that we are heading in the right direction.

“Overall, we are moving forward from where we began the season, but we’re still not where we want to be”

Michael started strongly and was running seventh when a collision with Vitaly Petrov at turn 12 damaged his front wing and forced him to pit. He was then out of sequence and fought hard from last place on lap three to finish in 12th position.

Ross commented: “Michael got out of phase because of his unplanned stop on lap two and that left him with a difficult task, especially as a number of other events in the race cost him time.”

“Michael had an eventful weekend” continued Norbert. “His clash with another car dictated the outcome of his race and cost him the time missing to finish in the points. We now look forward to Barcelona where we will try to improve our position further.”

Ross concluded: “Overall, we are moving forward from where we began the season, but we’re still not where we want to be. We will keep on pushing hard.”