• IN WORDS: We Are Incredibly Unified - Lewis

Lewis says a strong, positive and unified team has arrived in Bahrain for this weekend's race

'We are prepared to push through'

Second place in Australia was no disaster. But the team is ready to fight back in Bahrain and is heading in a good direction.

"You never really want to be moving backwards and so it was definitely difficult for us. But everyone on the team felt the same pain. We all sat together after the race and we were incredibly unified," Lewis said.

"We come here very strong and positive, with a good direction of how to move forward and that's why this is such a great team.

"Even with that issue, we still got good points and are still there. Whatever the case, I feel that we are prepared to push through."

'He's an inspirational young kid'

Lewis was paying close attention to his friend Billy Monger's return to racing in British F3 last weekend, less than a year since his life-changing accident at Donington Park.

"Billy is an inspirational young kid and I think it is amazing what he has done, to come back in less than a year since this incident," he said.

"It is mind blowing what he has been able to achieve. It's proof of what the mind is capable of doing. He has been so positive since very early on.

"His attitude has been incredibly positive and it has just driven him forward. So many people watch him in awe and amazement in what he is doing.

"I got to see him in Silverstone at the beginning of this year when we were filming and he showed me around his new car and his controls.

"So I have a little bit of an idea how he goes around doing what he achieved and I hope he continues."