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A partnership between Mercedes AMG F1 and Mulberry schools

Following our striking new livery debut in June 2020, the team are committed to building a credible programme that will offer greater opportunities for people from minority ethnic backgrounds to work in the motorsport industry, and to accompanying talent from education through to the opportunity to pursue careers in the sport.

Established in November 2020, the Mulberry STEM Academy will give students access to inspirational role models, imaginative teaching and rich extra-curricular experiences over a five-year period.

Built on core values of high performance, team spirit and the continual desire for new challenges, the partnership between the Mulberry Schools Trust and Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix will provide the foundations on which a lasting commitment can be built. The Mulberry STEM Academy will be a powerful supplementary provision providing a specialised track for children and young people aged 7 to 18 who have talent, passion and aptitude in STEM education.

Established in Tower Hamlets in 2016, the Mulberry Schools Trust is a flourishing multi-academy trust which includes Mulberry Academy Shoreditch, Mulberry School for Girls and Mulberry UTC. Schools within the Mulberry Schools Trust serve diverse communities: 84% of students speak English as an additional language, 66% are disadvantaged and 85% are from Black, Asian and ethnic minority backgrounds.

However, despite the challenges, the Mulberry Schools Trust has a track record of delivering outstanding achievement, with 81% of students going on to university.

Launched by Lewis and Toto on 5 November 2020 in a virtual event with the three Mulberry schools in East London, our new STEM Academy is a place where: future inventors, designers, analysts, technicians and capabilities.

Specialised study includes a wide range of experiences of the world of work and technical practice, including mentoring, networking, access to experts’ workshops, webinars and work experience. The UK’s future inventors, designers, analysts, technicians and entrepreneurs can further develop their talent, passion and aptitude for STEM and stretch their academic and technical capabilities.

To find out more about the Mulberry Schools Trust, please visit:

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